Price list

Our website design price list


Built-in layout
Tặng 01 tên miền .com


Modified build-in layout
1 free domain .com
Store on website
Store on FB (sync)
Design logo, namecard
Make an introduction video


Contact Us
Requested layout from customer
1 free domain .vn
Store on website
Store on FB (sync)
Design package (logo, namecard, banner)
Make an introduction video
Ads on Facebook, Google

Online support

24/7 online customer support, work together with customers to find solutions quickly and effectively.


We grow together with customers, especially startups, medium and small businesses.


Our products have only one purpose: to bring your product to potential customers.

Q & A

How long does each service package have?

The above website design price list includes website activities for 1 year. Next year, customers will pay additional fees for domain name maintenance, hosting and maintenance fee - 1,000,000 VND/year.


I want to have special design package, follow my request?

Please contact us for a specific quote for your requirements.

Sync data between store on webste and on Facebook

The store's products on the website will automatically be updated to the store on Facebook. You only need to enter the data 1 time to display products in both stores.

Is there a discount for Startup?

Yes. We will support 10% of the cost on the website design price list, accompany your business on the way to start a business.

You want to get more information?

You can chat directly on the website's system via Zalo or Facebook Messenger for online support. Besides, you can contact us via the contact page, or connect with us on Facebook.
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